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Overview (wikipedia)

Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Inc. is the result of a 50/50 joint
venture between Sony Music Entertainment (part of Sony) and BMG
Entertainment (part of Bertelsmann) completed on August 5, 2004. It is
one of the Big Four music companies, and includes ownership and
distribution of recording labels such as Arista Records, Columbia
Records, Epic Records, J Records, RCA Victor Records, RCA Records,
Legacy Recordings, Sonic Wave America, and others.

On July 13, 2006, the European Union annulled the merger as IMPALA (a
trade association for independent labels in Europe)had asked, ruling
that the two companies must end their venture and become separate
companies once again in order to have fair competition with independent
labels. The case is being appealed. It is currently viewed as unlikely
that the European Commission will indeed split them
It is possible it may simply instead force them to sell a proportion of
their assets or labels. This may also affect the possible sale of
Bertlesmann's share of the company to Sony. If the company is indeed
allowed to continue in its current form, it is possible the European
Commission might block a complete takeover by any entity.

List of Sony BMG labels (wikipedia)

Independent labels distributed by Sony BMG

Sony Music In Japan (wikipedia)

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. (SMEJ), also known as SME
Records, is Sony's music arm in Japan. SMEJ is independent from the
worldwide Sony BMG joint venture due to its strength in the Japanese
music industry.[1]

Its subsidaries including the anime production enterprise, Aniplex,
which was established in January 1997 as a joint-venture between Sony
Music Entertainment Japan and Sony Pictures Entertainment, but which in
2001 became a wholly-owned subsidary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan.


Sony Music Entertainment Japan was founded in 1968 as a 50/50 joint
venture between Sony Corporation and
CBS (Label) to distribute the latter's music
releases in Japan. The company was named CBS Sony.[2] In 1988, Sony
acquired CBS Records and the 50% of the joint venture that it did not
already own. The company was then renamed Sony Music Entertainment
(Japan) Inc


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