EastWest Label

(Scratchpad notes on label)

EastWest (UK) Chronology

  • Defunct label, part of Warner Music Group
  • Founded: unsure, perhaps 1989 / 1990 ?
  • Closed: unsure
  • MD: Max Hole (19?? > 1998)

EastWest (UK) Address

Electric Lighting Station
46 Kensington Court
London W8 5DP

EastWest (UK) Notes

Warner Music's chairman Rob Dickens gave A&R man Max Hole his own label,
EastWest, partially in order to shift a number of dissatisfied
Warner/WEA artists from under Dickens' charge. Artists such as The
Beloved, Simply Red and The Associates switched from WEA to EastWest to
follow Hole. The label operated, as with most Warners brands, at a
global level.

Hole left EastWest in 1998, taking up a role as senior VP, marketing and
A&R at Universal Music International. Dickens took the label under his
control, and promptly dropped most of its artists.

Ian Stanley acted as head of A&R for a while.

For a short while EastWest branded some dance releases as EastWestDance

EastWest (UK) Catalogue# Patterns

  • ''nb: all releases, UK included, also featured an INT cat#, xxxx
  • ''nb: at some point in the mid 90s _all_ Warner Music Group labels
    switched to only using xxxx xxxxx-x for albums

Early releases shared Warner Music UK / WEA patterns.

  • Singles

YZ xxx : 7"
YZ xxx T : 12"
YZ xxx C : Cassingle
YZ xxx CD : CD Single

  • Albums

WX xxx : LP
WX xxx : Cassette
xxxx xxxxx-2 : CD

Later, cat# formats changed:

  • Singles

EW xxx : 7"
EW xxx T : 12"
EW xxx C : Cassingle
EW xxx CD : CD Single
Caution: EW 231 and most likely all EW xxx larger than 300 are shared
distribution codes that should not be set as cat#.

  • Albums

xxxx xxxxx-1 : LP
xxxx xxxxx-4 : Cassette
xxxx xxxxx-2 : CD