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Some thoughts on Remix [Credited To]

This is an attempt to collate my thoughts regarding the use of this method of listing remix credits. My short answer to this is we should not bother using this "[Credited To]" method, and simply list the credits in a straightforward manner.

Mod forum post by nik, 30th Nov 07

Regarding how to list the remix credits for :

"We are getting too complicated. If it is making your head hurt, and my head hurt, imagine what it's like for a new submitter.

Simply: if the credit is on the release, it is valid to be entered as such.

There is no guideline for [Credited To], and situations such as this, and it is arguable that it is even needed at all. [Credited To] was meant to try to clarify things, but in these type of cases, for submission, moderation, and viewing, it seemingly is just serving to confuse things.

I don't see a problem with just listing them all in a straightforward manner:

(for track 2):

Remix - 7th District* Remix - Wild Cowboys Remix - Lorenzo Al Dino Pizzileo* Remix - Patrice Ledope*"

Another post by nik

"The problem I see is it will still not allow us to separate these things, even if we wanted to, because we are still unable to extract any solid difference from the many different and inconsistent examples on releases out there:

  • The remix name is an artist name, no other credits -\> Remix credit to Artist
  • The remix name is not an artist name, artist is credited as remixer -\> Remix credit to Artist
  • The remix name is an artist, same artist is credited as remixer -\> Remix credit to Artist

In all these cases, we are extracting the same information, and not differentiating between them. Now we move onto the grey area. It is important to remember that no record company is consistent in how these things are labeled and credited:

  • The remix name is an artist, different artist is credited as remixer -\> Remix credit to all Artists (maybe with the Credited To being used)

What is being argued here is that the final example there cannot nullify the first three examples, IOW if we extract the remix artist from ANY titles, we should do that for ALL titles, whether there are separate (usually individual) artist credits or not. Further, we cannot guarantee that, even if we tried to separate things out like such:

  1. Remix Title Artist
  2. Remix Smallprint Artist

we still couldn't draw any conclusions that they should be listed separately or together, as the method used by labels and artists varies wildly. This leads me to conclude that the current method of listing both is acceptable, for the sake of consistency and maximum information. I also think that when we get a band name in the title, and individual or subset of the band credited in the small print, we could most of the time interpret this as "Liam Howlett Remix for The Prodigy", IOW the artist is happy to release the remix in the name of the band, but is legally taking credit for the creation of the remix."


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