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Catalog numbers will be separate from a direct tie with labels, and the system will allow other types of numbers to be input, selection choice would be Catalog Number, Barcode, Matrix Number, and Other.

Catalog Numbers, Barcodes, and other numbers

The submitter will have the ability to enter multiple number fields using a simple and universal interface.The submission form would start out like this:

This would replace the catalog number field we have at the moment. For entering the basic information, it is just as simple as the existing interface. For basic submissions, neither of the 'plus sign' additional functions are needed, the user simply enters the cat# and goes on with the submission.

The large plus button is for the usual feature of providing additional fields:

Obviously, this can continue for as many fields as the user needs.

The other plus sign on the same line as the number field is used to open up a free text description field that will apply to the number:

Linking Numbers To Entities

An additional feature of this description field is to link a number to a specific entity (for releases with two or more entities, and where one or more numbers are specific to an entity). The submission form would scan this field for the exact entity name string as entered into the label field, tying the entity and number together - this would initially be used on Discogs to display / list specific cat#s on the entity pages.

This could be displayed (for example) as follows:

Catalog#. (ABC Records) : ABC-123
Catalog#. (XYZ Records) : xyz-987
Barcode. (ISBN) : 512345678900

Ideally, the function would be able to pick a label string out of the middle of a description text, so we can enter further information before or after the label name:

Catalog#. (Original ABC Records number) : abc-123

If this function isn't used, it is assumed the number/s apply to all entities.