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To expand the Label field to allow various other entities to be entered, allowing most all data to be entered if wanted.

Label and cat# are not directly tied together with this proposal. Please see the Number Data Entry page for more details.

Expanding The Label Concept

This is perhaps the biggest alteration that may be needed for this whole update.

The pages are obviously specific to labels. In order to broaden this to all these other entities, the name will need to be changed, or some other solution found. All other functions to do with a label profile can stay, but will need minor naming updates to reflect a more universal system. The "Parent Label" and "Sublabel" fields could be renamed to something like"Part Of" and "Contains" as universal names for these relationships.

We should make it possible to enter more than one 'Parent label', and implement the ability to mark an association between two labels or companies inactive or defunct by placing a "X" after the parent name in the submission form.

A solution to the naming issue could be to call the link

Data Entry

Entity Page Display

The display of this information on the release will follow what we have already on the Label page.

The new pages will be divided into sections for each new entity tag, for cases where an entity is involved in more than one aspect of the process.