This is the development page where we can try to list proposed developments to the database.

(These pages are mainly historical. After some early success, by 2009, very few users were interested in using the wiki as a platform for collaboration of this sort; now most everyone just uses the Development Forum instead.)

Development Discussion

Index Tracks


  • Packaging - Help make a list and description of all packaging types.


Discogs_Guideline_Review_2009 - Current proposals for updates to the Release Submission Guide and other Discogs guidelines for users. Discussion is open to all.

  • [[Discogs Guideline Review 2007/08]] - Previous discussion and proposals, now finalised and added to the current guidelines.
  • Editor-Discussion-Guideline-Update-October-2006 - Older proposals, discussed among Discogs v3 Editors only, for updates to the Release Submission Guide and other Discogs guidelines for users. Many of the proposals were accepted and went live already.
  • XdefProposal - Proposed guidelines by xdefenestratorx for digital file-based releases in Discogs.

Labels brands and companies

Label / Company Proposal Nov 2009
Earlier Ideas
  • [Label/company brainstorming]Dev-LabelCompany-Brainstorming - Current exploration of alternative ways of listing label brands & companies in Discogs
    • Labels-And-Companies-Lazlo - Lazlo Nibble's explanation of the difference between label brands & companies, and how to ascertain what label(s) a release is "on"
    • [Label/company proposal]Dev-LabelCompany-Proposal-Sep-2007 - A proposal for credits-like data entry of labels & companies, including copyright
    • Labels - An earlier attempt to assess the label/company relationship complexities presented by a number of prominent labels in Discogs, and cursory proposals for dealing with them
  • Companies - A list of the kinds of companies & organizations that might be mentioned on a release

Catalog numbers

  • LazloCatalogSortTechnique - A proposal by Lazlo Nibble that would allow label pages to properly sort without normalizing the displayed cat#s



  • Dev-Master-Release - Ideas for a system for grouping musically identical releases (editions for different territories, plus repressings & reissues), to reduce the length of artist/label pages

Submission Form



  • Dev-Outstanding-v4-Issues - A list of all issues of concern in Discogs v4. It is intended to serve as a reference point, with collected questions and answers to cut down on the repeat posting in the various forums, and allow nik and teo time to answer all questions in an orderly fashion.
  • Mission Statement - A draft of a Mission Statement for Discogs