API Resources

Libraries to access the Discogs API and/or work with the data dumps


  • DiscogsNet - allows working with the API and parsing the data dumps. Provides properties to ease the work with the data, like joining the names of multiple artists according to the rules of Discogs, moving ", The" suffix as a "The " prefix, etc. It's written in C#, but you can use it from any .NET language. Available on CodePlex: DiscogsNet
  • Marc's Discogs .NET API - written in C# API wrapper with strong type support for the XML responses. Anounced in the forum and available on RapidShare: Marc's Discogs .NET API


  • discogs-java - allows working with the API. It performs the REST URL calls, in addition to providing simple wrapper objects for the results or access to the XML elements directly. Also includes tools for parsing objects from the data dumps. Available at: discogs-java


  • SimpleDiscogs - a PHP library to work with the API. Requires PHP 5.3 with the cURL and Zlib extensions enabled. Parses the data using the SimpleXML library and returns the resulting hierarchy to the user. Available on SourceForge: SimpleDiscogs
  • AOneFiveThree - a PHP/ZendFramework library to work with the API. More information can be found on the forums. Available on GitHub: AOneFiveThree
  • Discogs-PHP-Client - a simple, lightweight, one-file PHP client for the Discogs API v2. Parses the JSON data and returns it as native PHP types. No dependency, no CURL extension required, uses only fopen wrappers. Available on GitHub: Discogs-PHP-Client


  • WWW::Discogs - This Perl module provides access to all the API database methods. Available at: cpan.org


  • discogs-sql-importer - Python program for importing discogs XML dumps to an SQL database (PostgreSQL). Available on Google Code: discogs-sql-importer


  • buntine/discogs - a 100% Ruby wrapper for the Discogs API. Available on GitHub: buntine/discogs
  • ActiveDiscogs - ActiveResource implementation of the Discogs API. Available on GitHub: ActiveDiscogs


  • maxep/DiscogsAPI - An Objective-C (Swift bridged) interface for Discogs API v2.0. Available on GitHub: maxep/DiscogsAPI

Applications, accessing the API (Open Source)

  • discogstagger - A console based audio-file metadata tagger that uses the Discogs.com API v2 (JSON based). Relies on the Mutagen and discogs-client python libraries. Currently supports FLAC and MP3 file types : discogstagger .

Code Snippets

Code examples for using the Discogs API are available in: