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A score is original music written specifically to accompany a dramatic presentation, such as a movie, television program, play, or video game. In the case of a medium recorded on film or video, the written score may be recorded and used as part of the soundtrack, which also includes dialogue and/or sound effects. Alternatively, the written score may be re-recorded for release to the public, so that the released recording is separate from the soundtrack.
For example, John Williams's Star Wars is a score used as a film soundtrack. Franz Waxman's The Bride Of Frankenstein is a newly recorded version of the original score, and is not a film soundtrack. Cecil Payne's The Connection was written as the score for a play.

Find the film that the albums are associated with on Filmogs and add a link to the soundtrack or score on the Film page.
For example: Jackie Brown on Filmogs and Discogs

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rdimucci posted 4 weeks ago:

If I read the above definition correctly, all orchestral film soundtracks are also scores, but not all orchestral film scores are soundtracks. So, every time the "Soundtrack" style is applied, one must also apply the "Score" style. This is just one more instance where Discogs goes against standard practice. An orchestral film music recording is typically labeled as either a "soundtrack" or a "score"; rarely is it labeled a "soundtrack score". But that is how Discogs seems to want them all identified.

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