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Italodance is primarily Italian dance music of the 1990s. It was a development of late 1980s Italo-House, and was a blend of all electronic genres of that era. Nowadays an old Italodance record is easily recognizable; it is built on a 4/4 drum layer within 120-130 BPM, the 'mood' is happy and simple, the track structure is uncomplicated (intro - build-up - main theme - final - outro). The sound range is wide, due to the fact that Italodance use samples of other styles or is strongly inspired to famous records of the era.

There are always a lot of vocal samples from pop or hip-pop records, classic techno sounds like hoover or 303 lines, late '80s piano-house riffs, and the usual melodic, Italian synth attitude from the '80s Italo-Disco. Usually an Italodance record is a 3 or 4 track ep, with each track directed towards a main genre (for example a 'vocal mix', a 'techno mix' a 'house mix' and sometimes a 'trance mix'). Italodance has always followed the market, so as the music market changes, Italodance changes. '90 and '91 records incorporated house sounds, '91-'93 used techno sounds, '94-'96 used trance sounds. In other words, Italodance is a commercial, upbeat take on the most-played styles of the period.

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