Hi guys,
I'm working on a research project about music genre. I'd like to know where I could find the "official" genre/style relations.

I found this : https://reference.discogslabs.com/wiki/style-guide-related-styles-lists
but it is not perfectly consistent with the https://reference.discogslabs.com/genre/<genre> and the https://reference.discogslabs.com/style/<style></style></genre>
For instance, in the style-guide-related-style-lists page, "Industrial" appears as a style related to both "Electronic" and "Rock", while the latter relation neither appears in https://reference.discogslabs.com/style/industrial nor in https://reference.discogslabs.com/genre/rock.

This also happens for Afrobeat (related to Jazz and Funk / Soul), Disco (Electronic and Funk/Soul), Dub (Electronic and Reggae)...

Which pages should be considered as the reference for describing the style/genre relations ?

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