I intend to add the description for the style hands up.
I tried to 'add new one like this' based on hard trance. Though clicking 'save' did nothing, so I recycle it and added a new page instead. https://reference.discogslabs.com/wiki/Hands-Up

In case you want to read more about the style.
C-Dog's post in the thread New electronic styles added
Was ist das Hands Up Wiki? - Hands Up Wiki
Visier: Elektronische Musik - Teil 1: Hands Up - News - HardBase.FM
http://wayback.archive.org/web/20141107210536/http://www.hardbase.fm/news/7971-im-visier-elektronische-musik-teil-1-hands-up Im
Hands up – Wikipedia
Hands Up! Releases | Fresh news from Hands Up! scene.

Styles appear to be created using this page: https://reference.discogslabs.com/add/style

However, it also seems to be broken, because there's no field for the name of the style so when you try and save it you get "'title' is a required property", "'title' is too short"

I reported this with a ticket, but it was closed with a response that suggests they only thought I was talking about ordinary broken links.

​Hi. We'll need to add these new styles in manually. I have made a request to the developers to do this. Many thanks!

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