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What is this wiki for?

This wiki can be used for any purpose to do with the Discogs database—for example, working and collaborating on new ideas, providing extra information for users, etc.

Use the All Pages and Recent Changes links in the sidebar to see the complete list of articles and updates.

Discogs info

Adding to the database


  • API Resources – Libraries and examples related to the usage of the Discogs API and data dump files
  • Deep Groove – Info about notable indentations in the label area of some older records
  • Dev – Mostly outdated/historical proposals for changes to the database and guidelines
  • Label Guides – The ever-changing designs and distinguishing features of major record labels
  • Manufacturing Process Vinyl Records – Links to info about how vinyl records are made
  • Useful resources outside of Discogs – Web sites, including songwriter databases & other discographies
  • Testing Testing – A sandbox for playing with wiki formatting
  • The old wiki (2006–2014) – Archive which may contain some obsolete content which was not migrated to this wiki
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